A Shocking Addition
Season 1, Episode 2
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Fifth Set in Stone

A Shocking Addition is the second episode of Object Overload.


The episode starts with Boombox and Toothy in a conversation about the final three of the contest in The End of the Beginning. Boombox says that he kicked the ball and it aimed to Toothy during the challenge. Boombox says that he affaired to a "crying baby."


  • This is one of the only two episodes where Dusty and Disc are voiced by XanyLeaves.
  • This is currently the only episode to not include Locky, Television, Fly Swat, and Tiki.
  • This is the only episode to date in which Melony doesn't die.


  • At 3:50 and 3:53 Pearly is one of the people who are going to guide, but at 6:21 Pearly says: Im out too! and is blind folded. That means that Marble was guiding Pearly, when it was supposed to be Pearly guiding Marble.
  • When Gamey points at the contestants in a scene, Clock quickly changes into Snowglobe due to a placing error, because Clock is supposed to be the one who guide his pair in the maze.
  • 7:20 minutes in the floor looks disappeared and the mountain seems to float.