Candy is a female contestant in Object Overload. She was placed on Team Time. She is very nit-picky and stuck up. Candy's best friend is Globe, who she constantly treats like dirt because Globe did not notice the change in her stripes (The stripes were 3% darker than before the events of OO), and because she thinks he dislikes the change in her stripes. Candy decides to make them green, and yet they return to red an episode later.


As seen in the first paragraph, she is very nit-picky and stuck up. She hates it when Globe doesn’t notice that her stripes are only slghtly darker.


In The End of the Beginning, Candy is the first character to be seen on screen. She asks Globe if anything is different, when Globe doesn't see the new change, Candy calls him a numb-skull and walks over to Kite, who is trying to fix Toaster. Due to this, Kite tells Candy that she is busy.

In Episode 7, she gets sick, as she was bitten by a snake. She was supposed to be eliminated, but the episode didn't come out.



  • Her personality is somewhat similar to Flower from BFDI.
    • They are nit-picky.
    • They yell at their friends.
  • She often says "OMG" and "like" just like Crayon, Match, Salt, Pepper,Locky, Bucket and Bow.