The Contestant Cannon is a cannon that is usually used to send eliminated contestants to Prison Planet.


The Contestant Cannon is first used in The End of the Beginning, although it isn't used for sending any contestant to Prison Planet. Instead, it was used to send all armless contestants to the podiums (excluding Tiki, Television, and Locky, who weren't participating in the game at the time).

In Set in Stone, it is used to send Lighter to Prison Planet, as he was eliminated.

In Branching Out, Top Hat is the next victim to be blown out by it. Since he was blown out by the Contestant Cannon in the first episode of Object Overload, however, it's the second time he got blown out by it, as he said "Not this bloody thing again!" Later, Team Tune got the cannon to shoot Disc to the flag, but Disc was reluctant at first. Boombox wanted him to be shot out of the cannon since he thought Disc was a frisbee. Disc then goes in the cannon, gets blown out by it, and breaks from hitting the flag.

In In Deeper Waters, it wasn't seen, but it was obvious that the eliminated contestant, Disc, was blown out by it.

In Lost and Found, Crayon and Tissue both have eliminated to be blown out by it.


  • Disc was blown out by the Contestant Cannon the most so far.