The End of the Beginning

Lighter sets Tissue on fire. Then Tissue's burning body flying towards Disc and Dusty.

In the challenge and introduction, Dusty blows up.

Snowglobe shatters and only his mouth is showing.

Melony is impaled by Snowglobe's glass.

A Shocking Addition

Several contestants die by the electric fence.

When Lighter comes out with the dead Tissue, he rips him apart.

Set in Stone

Lighter kills Popcorn with a piece of shattered glass (like Snowglobe's glass)

Lighter then threw the glass, killing Melony.

During the contest, Melony gets crushed by a falling statue.

Branching Out

Crayon crushes TV with a anvil.

Snowglobe fell from the tree-breaking.

Crayon kicks Melony off the cliff, splitting her in half.

Disc heads straight to the flag, but then shatters.

In Deeper Waters

Candy gets crushed by a rock.

Team Time drowns into the water (death not shown).

At the end Melony is cut in half by a blade boat.

Lost and Found

Dusty's prize went through him which made him blow up.

During the challenge, an executioner fell and squashed Fly Swat.

Casey threw a stick, killing Melony.

Tiki broke Snowglobe by running over him.

Popcorn runs into a tree, along with Candy, and got killed.

Dusty got killed by Television, who then got killed by Globe.

Toaster headed through Snowglobe, who then shattered.

The Object Overload Reboot Intro

Melony had her eye impaled by a propeller.

Dusty exploded by books falling on top of him.

Lighter could've set Tissue on fire. (Lighter was shown chasing Tissue with his cap open)