Dusty FR
Name Dusty
Gender Male
Team Team Time
Episode Eliminated Episode 9
Allies Melony, Casey, Popcorn, Locky (possibly), Top Hat (possibly)
Enemies Nearly Everyone (one-sided, on their side)
Occupation Contestant
Rank 24th
Color Brown (transparent)
Introduced in The End of the Beginning
Latest appearance Rostrum Rampage
Voiced by Adam Katz
Dusty labeled the Sharter is a male contestant in Object Overload. He is the stupidest contestant on the island and is frequently killed, but he is easily pleased and really lazy.


  • Dusty is one of the few contestants in OO who aren't voiced by XanyLeaves. He was voiced by Adam Katz, the creator of Inanimate Insanity.
    • In OO Reboot, he was voiced back by XanyLeaves himself.
  • He is easily killed, by just being passed through or touched, like Bubble from BFDI.

Coincidentally, both of them have something in common, like:

  • Being easily killed
  • Have both arms and legs
  • Having a slightly transparent body
  • Considered as the "stupid" character on their respective shows.
  • In DiamondAnimatorPro2017's camp Artist TV signed up as him.

According to Overloadpedia, he would have been eliminated on Episode 9 of the original series.