Fly Swat
Fly Swat FR
Name Fly Swat
Gender Male
Team Team Tune
Episode Eliminated OO: Episode 27


Allies Toothy, Paper Airplane, Coney, Boxing Glove, Kite, Toaster
Enemies Casey, Globe, Clock
Rank OO: 6th


Introduced in Set in Stone
Voiced by Samuel Thornbury (TeenChampion)

Fly Swat is a male contestant on Object Overload. He is on Team Tune and on Toothy's Alliance.

He joined the game in Episode 3 along with TikiLocky, and Television.

Fly Swat is the only one in Toothy's Alliance that takes things

Sly,He is also the only newbie to join an Alliance in object overload


  • Fly Swat is voiced by Sam T. (TeenChampion) who does his own object show, Object Universe.
  • Fly Swat is also the only joinee to have both limbs.
  • Fly Swat made a appearance in Inanimate Insanity with his idle being used as a fly swatter by MePhone4 to swat a fly.
  • Fly Swat is a rather timid character.
  • Fly Swat may have a crush on Kite, and Kite may like him back.
  • Fly Swat is also known as the "Gary Stu" character by some fans, because they may find his personality bland. Kite is known as the "Mary Sue" character also by some fans, so that helps support their love interest in each other.