Masky FR
Name Masky
Gender Female
Allies Everyone Except Enemies
Enemies Lighter, Crayon, Candy, Tissue
Occupation Contestants
Rank TBA
Color Teal & Peach
Voiced by Rochelle Garciano

Masky is a female contestant competing on Object Overload. Her design is based on the theater and drama masks of ancient Greece. She doesn't have a very defined personality, she can either be really happy or really sad. She appears to be singing in her idle, which may have something to do with her characteristics.


As said in the first paragraph, Masky doesn’t have much of a personality, she is either happy or sad, however, she is very good at acting, and that is possibly the reason her personality was created like that.


  • She (along with Soccer Ball and Picture) were originally going to be cut from the reboot, as said in a deviantArt journal by XanyLeaves, but they stayed.