Ping-Pong Ball
PPB New Idle
Name Ping-Pong Ball
Gender Male
Team Team Tune
Episode Eliminated TBA
Allies Disc, Pearly, Kite, Boombox, Popcorn (possibly)
Enemies Marble (only in Episode 5), Boxing Glove, Toothy, Coney, Paper Airplane
Rank None
Color White
Introduced in The End of the Beginning
Latest appearance Lost and Found
Voiced by Niall Burns
Ping-Pong Ball or PPB (for short), is a male contestant on Object Overload. He is best friends with Disc.


  • He is the only contestant to be completely limbless.
  • In the first challenge, he is the first one to "climb" the podium, but he is also the first one knocked off by the dodge balls.
  • He has the strongest friendship with Disc.
  • Ping-Pong Ball is only contestant to be known by three initals.