Snowglobe's New Pose
Name Snowglobe
Gender Male
Team Team Time
Episode Eliminated N/A
Allies Popcorn, Clock, Globe, Television, Melony (possibly)
Enemies Casey (arch-nemesis), Crayon, Candy, Toaster, Coney
Rank N/A
Color Blue (glass) and Brown (base)
Introduced in The End of the Beginning
Latest appearance Lost and Found
Voiced by Taylor Grodin (TheTGrodz)
Snowglobe is a male contestant on Object Overload and Object Overload Reloaded.


Snowglobe is often a grumpy contestant like Clock. He doesn't find a lot of things funny and is frequently and easily irritated, especially by Casey. However, he also has a kind side to him, often expressed when he's with Popcorn.


  • Snowglobe is one of the few characters to be voiced by someone other than XanyLeaves.
  • Snowglobe shatters in episode 1, 4 and 6, like Ice Cube from BFDI(A), IDFB, and BFB, Ruby from BFDIA (only in BFDIA 4 and IDFB 1), Lightbulb from Inanimate Insanity, OJ from Inanimate Insanity (2), Test Tube from Inanimate Insanity 2 (only in episode 2), and Plate from Object Havoc (only in episode 1).